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Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know us. We are Land Rover enthusiasts and have enjoyed owning, building restoring and competing in competitve driving events over the last 28 years.  This website is just to show a few things we get up to in our own Rovers. Some of the modifications we have completed,  some planned modifications we have on the go and a few of the things we get up to in our Rovers.

Anglian LRC CCV Roundhill Woods Tring 5/11/2017

 Jai took the 88 out for a good friend Rob B to get back into it by having a go at RTV. On arrival the RTV lineup was full 23 competitors some double driving. Rob decided he didnt fancy it afterall being so busy. Jai ended up double driving the 88 with Julian who was planning on RTving his 80. Both set off and had a cracking day. Jai managed to break the rear propshaft UJ at the furthest point on the site on the last section.  

CVLRC Sewell Trial 15/10/2017

 Jai took the 88 out for a play made alot of silly mistakes on this event but it was plenty of fun

Anglian LRC Timed Trial Devils Pit 25/06/2017

 Jai's first ever timed trial and it didnt dissapoint. We had a right laugh. Sunshine and fair weather made for hard ground conditions. Was absolutly great fun!! Cannot wait til the next.

ALRC Nationals 27-29/05/2017 Done.

 It was a busy weekend!! The week before Jai had driven the 88 to a local trial to give it a shake down and it didn't go well! The engine would hardly run only on choke but bogging down no power. Not what you want a couple of weeks before we were due to lay out the Team Recovery and compete in the Comp Safari. Time to rip the carbs apart!!

After rebuilding the SU's a little fettling the 88 was running well a little rich but but running 100 times better than it did the week before.

We got to Stainby setup camp and had a well earned beer!!

 Lots of fettling some spannering and beers later we had twin shocks all round, mud flaps radius arm bushes swapped and with a little tweek a very sweet running engine. Scruteneering passed We were all Set!

 This was Jais first comp safari so the order of the day was to take it easy and bring the car home. Glad to say we did. Minimal damage a few oops moments & a puncture catching a rock on the last corner. Vehicle Survived to fight another day with some slight bodywork remodelling and a puncture. Can't be bad.

Shattered!! is an understatement but much fun with good friends.

Association Land Rover Clubs National held at Stainby Comp Safari. This was Jais first comp safari. We got the motor to the end with only monor damage slightly catching a tree and one puncture. Great end to an awesome weekend with good friends. Please feel free to click on the links below:

Video 1
Video 2

Anglian LRC CCV trial at Roundhill Woods Tring. Jai's Comper being put through its paces by Ed. Safe to say Jai needs some more practice!!

ALRC National Bircham Newton 2011

 Andy and Jai double drove Jais 90 at Bircham Newton ALRC National 2011. We had a great weekend although a tad windy spent with good company


Video Part 1 Andy & Jai,
Video Part 2 Andy & Jai.

Anglian LRC Tyro in the snow at Weston Underwood

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ALRC Nationals 2017 Comp Safari Done and we Finnished

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